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Merlin - The Eurasian Eagle Owl
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Merlin Collage


Merlin is a magnificent Eurasian Eagle Owl!

With the exception of the eagles, he’s the biggest bird here at Dartmoor Hawking, weighing in at 2.2kg and has an impressive 150cm wingspan.

At the ripe old age of 20, he is our oldest team member, and was in fact the first bird to join Dartmoor Hawking. He is one of the most popular birds here... but lets just say he's not the brightest!

It truly doesn’t matter how dim you are, he will be dimmer! Despite common mythology owls are not very bright, but even by owl standards...  But Merlin is very happy and content just the way he is.

Besides taking part in our displays and experience days Merlin has delivered several wedding rings for those magical moments. 

Do you give a hoot about Merlin? If so, please sponsor him now.

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What Merlin's fans have to say

"Merlin is the oldest and wisest owl" - we're not sure we agree with 'wisest'!


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Sponsor Merlin
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Sponsor our dim-witted but loveable owl Merlin and he might just remember to say thank you!

You'll receive a certificate and dedicated updates in thanks for your contribution.
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Personalised "Merlin Memory" Keepsake
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Personalised digital photo thank you of Merlin
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Dartmoor Hawking Calendar 2021
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A brand new calendar featuring your favourite feathers - Merlin!
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Limited Edition Merlin Mug
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Your new favourite mug featuring Merlin and keeping him watered too!
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