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Remove the Risk of You Becoming a UK Mortgage Prisoner
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Ended Oct 21, 2020

Anyone Can Become a Mortgage Prisoner...

Did you know that your mortgage could be sold-on,  without your knowledge or consent, to an offshore company which is not only unregulated but isn't even governed by UK law? Who may then ravage your finances and take you for every penny they can?

Exploited - with  Devastating Consequences!

We know this because it has happened, time and again to tens of thousands of UK families, with household name mortgages, including Bradford and Bingley and Northern Rock. Families are being trapped in their homes - turning what was once a safe haven into a source of financial misery with sky high payments soaring above market rates.

"Mortgage prisoners are being exploited, by both fully regulated lenders and unregulated vulture funds"

- Mortgage Prisoners APPG letter, signed by LibDem, Conservative and Labour MPs

Together we can put a STOP to this Exploitation & Protect UK Householders

We know that many people just haven't been informed that it is not mortgages loans themselves which are regulated, but selling them on and the collection of payments. This means that the 'loan books' created can be sold-on to unscrupulous, predatory, lenders who are often off-shore.

The consequences can be devastating, including repossession, extreme financial hardship, anxiety and depression resulting from the pressures and in some cases, attempted suicide by those who 'can see no way out'.
Around 250,000 families, or more, were being impoverished pre-Covid - and no one knows how many will have been added by the end of the year.  Our group of more than 3,500 prisoners have  many heart-breaking stories to tell - similar to these:
A key worker on the brink of collapse
Losing his mind and his business
Within a whisker of repossession 

Trapped - Through no fault of their own

Other mortgage prisoners are unexpectedly trapped by their mortgage and cannot move home. Or trapped on a high rate, paying thousands of pounds a year too much, because nonsensical FCA rules will not allow them to move to a lower rate, even though they maintaining payments at a higher rate!

Change is Needed!

Despite wide press coverage and the attention of the FCA over a long period, little has changed. Rachel Neale who leads the UK Mortgage Prisoners group says appeals to the Treasury to help key workers and others trapped on high-interest loans haven't helped a single mortgage prisoner.

"Families are being crippled by these high interest rates and aren't able to live properly because of it. We need action immediately before things get even worse and drive people into further arrears or cause repossessions."
Rachel Neale, UK Mortgage Prisoners

Change CAN Happen... With Your Support!

Despite the best efforts of the UK Mortgage Prisoners Group, which has already prevented many repossessions and even suicide attempts through direct interventions, change is required on a much larger scale  to deliver the help so desperately needed and to  reform the broken system which is still creating more mortgage prisoners.

Creating a New, Change-Making, Charity

This is why we are crowdfunding the legal costs to set up a new, change-making charity. A critical step for the UK Mortgage Prisoner Group. To enable us to make the necessary impact - as well as raise further funding only available for charitable bodies. Unlocking new resources to fight for a fairer future for mortgage prisoners - and us all.

Fighting for a Fairer Future, for us all

There are so many stories already of those in real suffering - too many to tell. Also many more besides who may not even know why they are in this situation...

Christine is sadly no longer with
us and we use her story with the
kind support of her family.

Breaking Free + Protecting Us All

Could you help provide the key that unlocks the door to their freedom - and helps protect us all?

We want to make the much needed changes to:

  • Ensure that you do not become a future mortgage prisoner
  • Bring hope, and justice, to those who have become victims of the vulture funds
  • Fix the system which is still creating more mortgage prisoners every day

With your help we can and will fight to ensure that these changes are made.

Please help by:

  • Contributing what you can
  • Sharing the campaign far and wide

And please check back soon for new resources for Mortgage Prisoners...

Thank you! Together we can remove what remains a threat to us all and bring hope to those who need it.


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