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My name is Eduardo Gando Manuel, I am from Angola, I am an Economist linked to Angolan and Portuguese Economists Association as well as other organizations.

I am looking for investos for some projects where I am involved to be implemented in Angola.

The feasibility studies are available. So, all interested can be our partner by becoming a shareholder of companies or through other kind of partnership to be agreed between us.

Here you are more details about what I am looking for.


The purpose of this work is to develop eight projects in Angola, according to Government program of economy diversification, with amount of investment evaluated in 159,12 million USD, in diferente Provinces and, in the following sectors:

  • Agriculture (corn plantation and palm oil) (Province of Cuanza-Norte);
  • Livestock (Province of Cuanza-Norte);
  • Aviculture (Kitchen) (Province of Luanda);
  • Diamonds (Province of Lunda-Sul);
  • Others (to be explained after).

All projects will generate more than 2.204 direct employes and it is estimated that it will be generate profits of 338,34 million USD roghly, in five years, that permits to return the funds until this time.


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