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The Problem: We Face a Existential Crisis

Economics has become the operating system for our Planet, Its Governments  & Global corporations. It has framed the modern world since the 1980s.

But it's wrecking the planet - and damaging and  impoverishing its people, across the western world and beyond. 

We need new, humane, economics - that have people and planet at the centre, rather than in service to 'the markets'.

The good news is that , contrary to what we’ve been told this is entirely possible.

We've been told that Economics is a science, and that “There is no Alternative”...

But this was never true. Nor is it now.


The Network Age

In this, the network age, we create powerful networks by joining them. 

If we choose we can own our networks and benefit from them as they become increasingly automated – populated by bots, robots and AI.  


People centred economics can work for us all – not just an elite – and far better than the destructive economics we've had foisted upon us until now.


It's time for change. But we have to be that change , choose that change , and make that change – the incumbents will never do that for us.


The big question is, how do we get there?


We can make a start , by understanding where it all went wrong and 

- opening up the possibility of putting people and planet at the centre and
- moving the markets and networks into the service of mankind rather than mankind in service of the markets. 

Only then can we explore together the myriad possibilities that come from a new kind of economy .

With people freed from the barbaric economics of greed , and empowered to create a different kind of world.


What we want to do about it...

Create and publish the book Humane Economics and further extend the research on Humane Economics.

Create a new Umbrella platform to help empower aligned communities tacking related issues - enabling them to reach deeper and be better funded.


  • Refresh Econ 101 with HumEco thinking
  • Create HumEco Online course(s)
  • Create a student, economics, initiative & community 
  • Create an online FinTech/Tech community
  • Use and foster Human-centric education models

Public Sphere: 

Foster the popular understanding of humane economics & expose current economic myths and implanted ‘values’.


Popular Education

Create comics, films and animations , capable of conveying the message that economics were the choice of an elite and bourne of a belief system – and if we choose we can thrive with people and the planet placed at the centre of our economies and ecosystem.

I hope you will take a look at what we are doing, and join us on this vital quest.


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1:1 with Barry
60 minutes being interviewed / chatting with Barry. The session can be recorded and may be published via Humane Economics channels.
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